Updates: Harvey, Murphy, Cuddyer, Flores

Following an outing plagued by dehydration on Wednesday, Matt Harvey still has yet to land in Miami to join the team in a weekend series against the Marlins. Despite Harvey’s agent’s, Scott Boras, best feelings, the Mets plan to exceed the innings limit placed on Harvey, reports Adam Rubin of ESPN. Dr. James Andrews, the surgeon on Harvey’s elbow, suggested he doesn’t throw over 180 innings this season, as to not put too much work into the surgically-repaired tendon. However, Boras is referencing the Dodgers team doctor, Neal ElAttrache, who claims Harvey should not pitch over 165 innings this year (which has already happened, at 166 1/3).

What a shocker. The Dodgers, whom, if the playoffs started today, the Mets would play in the NLDS, doctor wants the Mets to shut down their ace for the rest of their season. Although I’m sure Mr. ElAttrache has Harvey’s best interest in mind, both him and Boras will have to suck it up, as Terry Collins and the Mets plan on skipping one more of his starts, and nothing else.

Not only his Boras’ claim ignorant, but innings limits only mean so much. If a pitcher throws seven pitches in an inning, it is not nearly as labor-intensive as a twenty-five pitch inning. Of course, when you factor in a stressful situation, the pitcher will use more energy, and we get another statistic that helps us better gauge when a pitcher should be shut down. The bottom line is, when placing limits on pitchers, innings should not be a factor anymore. The key is pitches, and how many of those pitches are thrown in stressful situations.

Although Boras wants to protect his client, which is understandable, he must recognize that the Mets have a very small window of opportunity here-as they are unlikely to retain players such as Yoenis Cespedes, Tyler Clippard, Juan Uribe, and Kelly Johnson. Curtis Granderson is equally as unlikely to not have as productive a year as he has to this point, and we can’t expect too much from David Wright these days-so the Mets need to capitalize now, meaning pitching Harvey as much as they need him.

Murphy, unavailable today, received a plasma therapy injection today, reports Rubin. Murphy was taken out of Wednesday’s game with quad tightness.

Also unavailable in today’s game is Michael Cuddyer, who is now dealing with a wrist issue. Cuddyer, who has intelligently played with the issue for a week now, has mysteriously seen the issue get progressively worse to the point where he can’t close his hand.

Hm! What a thought, playing through an injury is a bad idea?

There’s Ray Ramirez and Terry Collins for you, doing what they do best.

Cuddyer will be examined by a doctor today, leaving Kelly Johnson the primary first baseman with Duda, Murphy, and Cuddyer all unavailable. Should Johnson go down, backup catcher Kevin Plawecki would assumably take over duties at first base, as he as experience-ableit very limited-at the position. With the lack of offensive punch, Michael Conforto is batting cleanup for the first time in his big league career today against the Marlins.

Wilmer Flores is back and available today in Miami, after visiting his ailing grandfather in Venezuela.


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