Bour Strikes Again: Marlins Trump Mets

The Mets magic number will remain ten, as Washington caught a game on them with a 12-2 rout over the Phillies following a disappointing 6-0 Mets loss.

Bartolo Colon took the mound today and returned to his mid-season form, allowing three earned runs on seven hits through five innings and two-thirds innings. Colon gave up home runs to Martin Prado and J.T. Realmuto, beginning what would later become an onslaught of Marlins offense. Hansel Robles pitched a very effective inning and a third, followed by disappointing performances from Tyler Clippard, Erik Goeddel and Sean Gilmartin, giving up RBI’s to Justin Bour, Dee Gordon and Christian Yelich.

Rookie southpaw Adam Conley held the Mets to three hits over seven innings, striking out six. Aside from David Wright, New York simply couldn’t crack Conley or Miami’s relievers. The Mets are now 1-4 this month against the Marlins, opposed to 9-1 against all other opposition.

What the Mets’ problem is with Miami I do not know, however I don’t consider it a problem. The 9-1 against everyone else this month speaks for itself; we can’t rely on games against one team. However, with a Nationals win tonight, I think it’s time for Terry Collins to stop messing around with Eric Campbell and the alike; save the experimenting with players for after the team clinches the division. Until then, I would advice Collins to treat every game like a must-win: we don’t want a repeat of 2007.

After an off day tomorrow, the Yankees will be in town Friday night at 7:10pm. The Bronx Bombers will toss Masahiro Tanaka (12-6, 3.40) against Steven Matz (3-0, 1.88), both of whom have recently come off the disabled list. It’ll be interesting to see how both react to the new pressure of the subway series.


One comment

  1. Tom Franklin

    Great headline Matt, clever. The team is looking flat with not a lot to play for, and perhaps some tired arms. Hoping the aren’t losing their Mojo. I’ve been concerned that they were peaking a little too soon. Could not agree more on many of your key points, especially with Eric Campbell -who is not a major league player. Dude shouldn’t even be here, and he was a major reason why the team was so inept pre-trades. Sorry, give Uribe and Flores his at-bats or look elsewhere. Interested to see who makes the post season roster, and what the rotation will be. Lots of options I think.


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