What Was That? Mets Drop Second Straight to Phils

Daniel Murphy and Michael Conforto each homered in what resulted in a five-run first inning-a game the 2015 Mets were certain to win.

Yeah, that’s what I thought too.

Following a less than impressive start by Logan Verrett, who allowed three runs on four hits and four walks through four innings and a third. He was only one of nine pitchers used in the Mets loss to the worst team in baseball Wednesday Night.

A Yoenis Cespedes finger contusion and a Hansel Robles ejection later, this god awful game was finally over, courtesy of seven wild pitches, four hit-by-pitches, and a passed ball.

This 7-5 loss to the Phillies was probably the worst game the 2015 Mets have played. There was a plethora of ugly play on both sides, as well as significant worries about Yoenis Cespedes and Wilmer Flores leaving early with a contusion and back stiffness, respectively. What looked to be a sure win for the playoff-bound Mets turned out to be an embarrassing lost to the worst team in baseball. Thank goodness they’ve clinched already, because Panic City would have definitely shown itself had the magic number still been one.

As for Robles, his pitch to Cameron Rupp didn’t appear to be intentional-however I don’t blame the umpires and Phillies for believing otherwise. Personally, I think that the tradition of throwing at batters and “defending your team” is childish and illogical-the Phillies didn’t hit Cespedes or Niewenhuis on purpose-and it’s flat-out stupid to think that they need to pay for their mistakes-but that’s just my view on it.

Somebody-nobody knows who, will face off against Jared Eickhoff tomorrow at 12:05pm. Steven Matz is still recovering from back stiffness, so tomorrow’s starter for the Mets will most likely be either Tim Stauffer or Sean Gilmartin. The game was moved up from its regularly scheduled time to compensate for the poor weather that is expected tomorrow night.


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