Mets Move on to NLCS; and I Think Murphy Deserves a Qualifying Offer

Adam Wainwright’s 2006 season-ending curveball wasn’t even as sharp as Daniel Murphy was tonight, as the Mets are moving on to the National League Championship Series for the first time in nine years.

Daniel Murphy had an RBI double, snuck a crucial base, and a solo home run in a 3-2 Mets win, bringing them to the NLCS. Murphy out-dueled ex-Met Justin Turner tonight, who drove in two in the bottom of the first to give the Dodgers the lead. Murphy went 3-for-4, with two runs and two RBI’s, whereas Turner also went 3-for-4, with two doubles and only one RBI.

The real Jacob deGrom didn’t show up today, as the Mets ace gave up six hits, three walks, and two earned runs. If I were managing the game, I would’ve taken deGrom out when he got into trouble in the fourth inning, but Terry deserves props for trusting his ace and running him out there for as long as possible. Noah Syndergaard came on instead of Hansel Robles or Addison Reed as the seventh inning reliever, and was simply dominant—lighting up the radar gun with all sorts of 1’s and 0’s. Jeurys Familia came on in the eighth to convert the six-out save, securing the Mets’ spot in the NLCS.

It’s probably true that Zack Greinke out-pitched deGrom, but Murphy made him pay for his mistakes with an RBI double and a homer. Had Murphy not been in the lineup, this would’ve been an easy 2-0 Los Angeles victory, as three-fourths of the Mets position players had oh-fors. For that, I think Murph deserves a qualifying offer to return to the club next year.

It’s expected that Matt Harvey will start against Jon Lester and the Cubs Saturday in the first game of the NLCS. That means a day of rest, fans. Let your stomach churn for another day; we have more postseason baseball ahead.



  1. tomefran2015

    This is such a gutty team Matt, lot of heart. Daniel Murphy has never been my favorite player, but wow he was phenomenal. I give Collins a lot of credit, he made all the right decisions, and for sticking with deGrom early when he clearly didn’t have it. But showed how tough a competitor he is. Mets stole this one. They need to play better, and think about making a change at 1B, cause he’s awful right now and stubborn. Drop a bunt down Duda.


    • Matt

      Couldn’t agree more. I was really ready to take deGrom out much earlier. Really believe Noah should’ve been left in, so they didn’t have to leave Familia in to bat. A pinch-hitter definitely could have provided some insurance. Luckily these small details of sub-par game (excluding Murphy) didn’t come back to bite.


  2. tomefran2015

    I definitely woulda gone one more with Noah, for both reasons. Lot of bad at-bats in this game, especially Duda and Cespedes. Very little plate discipline across the board too. Mets were the better team, but they stole this game


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