World Series Game 5: The Kansas City Royals, Your World Champions

The Dark Knight was dealing. Gotham was amped up as he came back out for the ninth, in what was a 2-0 lead for the Mets backed by Curtis Granderson’s leadoff homer in the bottom of the first.

Then all hell broke loose. Again.

Harvey walked Lorenzo Cain to lead off the ninth, and Eric Hosmer doubled him home to make it a one-run ball game. A passed ball got Hosmer to third, and a Salvador Perez groundout got him home to tie up the ball game.

And they were just getting started.

Terry Collins—very questioningly—took out Jonathan Niese, and replaced him with Addison Reed in the twelfth inning. Christian Colon, who had not had an at-bat the entire postseason, singled in the go ahead run. Alcides Escobar doubled him home. An intentional walk loaded the bases for Lorenzo Cain, who doubled home everyone, creating a 7-2 game.

What may frustrate Mets fans the most is that they lost this World Series without playing the way of which they are capable. Sure, everyone will talk about Murphy’s errors and Duda’s throw that allowed Hosmer to score. Those are the obvious events to blame. All series, the Mets did not take advantage of opportunities. The offense, defense, and managing were horrendous all five games, what do you expect? Practically every decision Terry made was wrong, Murph, Wright, Duda, Cespedes, and Conforto’s defense all proved detrimental, and the offense didn’t capitalize on Kansas City’s starters like they needed to. To discuss the crazy amount of mistakes the Mets made this game and even this series would be both irrelevant and exhausting—there are way too many. Quite frankly I don’t have the patience to discuss why the August and September Mets didn’t show up to play at all—because I have no idea.

What I do know is that both the Mets and their fan base should be very proud of their accomplishments. Coming in to the season, the Mets were not expected to make the playoffs by many. Not myself, certainly. I hunched they might be able to grab one of the two wild card spots, but anyone who claims to have predicted beating the Nationals for the division title I will call a liar.

The most noise the Mets created this offseason? Signing Michael Cuddyer, who played a trivial role in the playoffs. The Mets didn’t expect this to be their year themselves, especially with a Washington team fresh off of signing Max Scherzer. If I were told that the Mets would be in the World Series despite vast injuries and under-performances of Jenrry Mejia, Bobby Parnell, Josh Edgin, Zack Wheeler, Jack Leathersich, David Wright, Travis d’Arnaud, Jerry Blevins, Vic Black, and Cuddyer, I never would have believed it. Yet here I am, typing away in the dark at 1:00AM in November, listening to my college roommate snore. The moral of the story is that no team can compare to the adversity the Mets had to face this season, yet they have an NL Pennant to show for it. From early injuries, to Wilmer Flores crying at second base, to having their shortstop’s leg broken by Chase Utley, this Mets club has to be proud of how far they have come. Will Cespedes be back next year? Probably not. Murphy? I don’t think so. But with Brandon Nimmo, Dilson Herrera, and others on the rise, I don’t think we have to worry about who the Mets will or won’t retain. Sandy Alderson, David Wright, Matt Harvey, and the entire New York Mets organization will just have to rub some dirt on their wounds, get back on their feet, and look to 2016: they have a dynasty to build.



  1. tomefran2015

    Matt – although the Mets played well at times in this series, their pitching was a little uneven. Although very good at times, ultimately they failed in the clutch. Combined with the fact that the star centerfielder went to play golf and didn’t show up, and the infielders made routine errors on plays that have to be made on the big stage. They did not deserve to win. World Series teams cannot make the amount of mistakes at the Mets made and expect to win. I don’t want to hear anything about Collins’ decision to keep Harvey in the game. He was the best pitcher they had last night, he trusted him, it’s too easy to second guess. The game was lost on poor execution, not poor decision making…The Royals were not only better, they were hungrier, and they wanted it more. End of story.


    • Matt

      I would’ve kept Harvey in, too. Royals are a better club, too many fundamental mistakes for the Mets the entire series. Like I said, the August and September Mets were nowhere to be found. It’s a shame they had to go down like this.


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