The 2015 Metsys

We’re creating a feature here at Metstastic: the Metsy Awards. Players across the team will be awarded for everything from least valuable player to having greatest moment of the year.

Most Valuable Player: Curtis Granderson

Granderson appeared in 157 games this season, posting a .259 batting average, his highest since 2011, and hitting 26 regular season home runs. Grandy, 34, remained healthy throughout the entire season at an age where it’s common to see many health issues arise. He drove in 70 runs and stole 11 bags, the most on the team. Curtis had 682 plate appearances (the next highest was Lucas Duda with 554) and fielded pretty well too.

Least Valuable Player: Eric O’Flaherty

O’Flaherty posted a 13.50 ERA and a 2.50 WHIP in 8.2 innings with the Mets following an August waiver claim from the Oakland A’s. Once a superb lefty specialist, I can’t fault Sandy bringing him aboard for little to no cost, it was worth the risk. It just didn’t pan out.

Most Head-Scratching Player: Akeel Morris

Morris was brought up from Single-A Brooklyn in mid-June, posting a 67.50 ERA in 0.2 innings. He was immediately sent back down after one game, perhaps spoiling his chance in the big leagues. This one I do fault Sandy on—no need to waste Single-A talent when you have the Vic Black’s and the Zach Thornton’s in Triple-A.

Bounce-back Player: Matt Harvey

Matt Harvey went 13-8, working to a 2.71 ERA over 189.1 innings rebounding from Tommy John surgery. He won the entire 2015 National League Comeback Player of the Year, so it’s no doubt he should get awarded the same for the Metsies, although Curtis Granderson was in consideration.

Best Defensive Play: Daniel Murphy/Carlos Torres

The Bartolo Colon behind-the-back-flip and Yoenis Cespedes assist from Left-Center Field were both definite candidates for this Metsy, but I couldn’t stop myself from putting this gem in there.

Worst Defensive Play: Daniel Murphy

Sorry, everyone…

Best Acquisition: Yoenis Cespedes

Cespedes has been one of my favorite players ever since he came over from Cuba. He brought a fun, energetic atmosphere to the clubhouse and backed it up with on-field swagger and talent that is unmatchable to propel this team to the postseason.

Most Underrated Player: Hansel Robles

Any time you get tossed in to a bases-loaded jam with no outs and get out Mark Teixeira, Brian McCann, and Carlos Beltran, I’d say you had a pretty successful Major League debut. Robles continued his success throughout his rookie year, holding opposing hitters to a .190 batting average and posting an inflated 3.67 ERA that is greatly helped by his 1.02 WHIP. Robles looks to continue his success next year, this time possible in a setup role for closer Jeurys Familia.

Most Overrated Player: Bartolo Colon

Colon added a veteran presence along with Cuddyer in the 2015 season, but not much else. He went 14-13 with a 4.16 ERA, tied with Jacob deGrom for the most amount of wins on the team. His 1.24 WHIP and .281 opposing batting average were the worst out of all the regularly starting pitchers, and didn’t do a whole lot but expensively block players like Steven Matz and Rafael Montero from coming up earlier.

Rookie of the Year: Noah Syndergaard

Syndergaard finished 4th in NL Rookie of the Year voting after being called up mid-season. He went 9-7, posting an impressive 3.24 ERA in his rookie season. Be on the lookout for a lot more impressive numbers from this 23 year old in the near future.

Here are some honorable moments that couldn’t be fit into the Metsys:

6/14 vs. Braves: Ceciliani, Herrera, d’Arnaud, Lagares Go Deep to Come from Behind

7/12 vs. Diamondbacks: Kirk Nieuwenhuis’ 3-homer game

7/31 vs. Nationals: Wilmer Walk-off

8/15 vs. Pirates: Cespedes Guns Down Rodriguez

9/5 vs. Marlins: Colon’s Behind-the-Back Flip

9/8 vs. Nationals: Cespedes, Nieuwenhuis & Mets Come from Behind

9/9 vs. Nationals: Kelly, Cespedes, & Mets Come from Behind

9/13 vs. Braves: Murphy & Mets Come from Behind

10/15 vs. Dodgers: Murphy Goes First to Third on a Walk, Mets Win NLDS


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