Nationals Sign Daniel Murphy

The Nationals and ex-Met have finalized a three year contract worth $37.5 million. Murphy and his new team will be holding a news conference on Thursday.

With the replacement of Neil Walker, letting Murphy go was no surprise from the Mets’ front office. However, I don’t think anyone predicted he’d end up with the rival. Since the Mets extended Murphy a qualifying offer at the beginning of the offseason which he denied, the Nationals will be surrendering their first-round draft pick for signing him. In return for losing a key asset, the Mets will gain a supplemental draft pick following the first round.

Murphy will join Stephen Drew, another recent signing, in Washington to provide depth behind infielders Anthony Rendon and Danny Espinosa. After shipping Yunel Escobar, who batted .314 last year, to the Angels, I must wonder what kind of improvement Murphy and Drew will be, if one at all. At the very least, I suppose signing Murph’ is a punch in the gut to the Mets—but with losses of starting pitching such as Jordan Zimmermann and Doug Fister, I have to imagine that Murphy’s money could have been better spent elsewhere.

No doubt, I’ll miss Murph. I think he was a key piece to the organization, and not just this past year. He was the second-longest tenured Met next to David Wright; he saw the organization through the thick and thin. Although he showed subpar, sometimes even woeful, defense, he played where he was asked to for the sake of the team. Whether it be playing left field, first, second, or third base, Murphy was a team player. To look at some silver lining, his deal is only for three years, after all—meaning a New York/Murphy reunion may not eventually be out of the question.


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