Mejia gets ‘Mejia Stomped’

From the minute Buddy Carlyle stepped on to the mound in Washington in the ninth inning of last year’s Opening Day, Jenrry Mejia’s career was all but over.

After heading to the Disabled List on Opening Day, Mejia served an 80-game suspension for testing positive for Stanozolol, a Performance Enhancing Drug. A few games afterward, bam: another suspension—this one 162 games. During that one, MLB reeled in Mejia and stomped a lifetime ban on him.

Mejia grew up in the Dominican Republic, shining shoes for $17 a day. He signed with the Mets in 2007 for $16,500. In 2016, he threw away what could’ve been over $2 million in one year’s salary. He threw away what many estimate to be an additional $40+ million in career earnings.

It’s really mind boggling to me how this guy gets caught on PED’s three times. Maybe the first time Mejia used Stanozolol to recover from his injury; that I can at least wrap my head around. When he gets caught, it requires a special amount of stupidity to think he can still get away with it not once more, but two more times. But still, Mejia tells Dominican sports reporter Hector Gomez; “It is not like they say. I am sure that I did not use anything.” Yeah, OK, Jenrry.

Mejia has the opportunity to appeal the ban after a minimum of two years.

As for the Mets, they’ll manage without Mejia. Jeurys Familia, a longtime friend of Mejia’s,  turned out to be an even better closer than Jenrry, and will likely continue his dominance in 2016. The Mets tendered a contract to set-up man Addison Reed, who performed uncharacteristically well in orange and blue last year. Other additions in Antonio Bastardo and Jerry Blevins seem to solidify an already great bullpen.

With this, I bid farewell to the trademark Mejia Stomp. We hardly knew ye.



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