Andrew McCutchen in Orange and Blue?

The Mets have reached out to the Pirates in effort to trade for outfielder Andrew McCutchen, according to multiple reports.

The good news is in my 2017 MLB The Show season, I traded for Andrew McCutchen. So it can be done! Just with video game GM’s on veteran mode.

The bad news? He cost Daniel Murphy.

In reality, it is doubtful that the Mets could pull of the trade. The Nationals nearly landed McCutchen earlier this month, but talks stalled when the Pirates demanded their number-two prospect, outfielder Victor Robles. Reporters are skeptical that the Mets are willing to part ways with the youngsters the Pirates are asking for—Michael Conforto, Steven Matz, and top prospect Amed Rosario, among others.

Andrew McCutchen

Before running away with this fantasy, a trade will definitely not manifest if the Mets are not able to trade away an outfielder. Jay Bruce is at the top of Sandy Alderson’s naughty list, as the Mets have been aggressively shopping the outfielder. To the Mets’ dismay, Curtis Granderson has reportedly been receiving much more trade interest. The idea is for either Bruce or Granderson to be flipped for relief pitching (talks with the Orioles about Brad Brach are ongoing), and then toss some prospects in a deal for a player like McCutchen. The Reds’ Billy Hamilton and the Rockies’ Charlie Blackmon are some other names that have been mentioned in trade rumors.

Will Andrew McCutchen be playing in orange and blue in 2017? Probably not. But an outfield with Yoenis Cespedes, Andrew McCutchen, and Michael Conforto sounds awfully intriguing.


One comment

  1. tomefran

    I would not trade Matz -period: quality lefty, NY-guy, still on the rise, etc. I would trade Michael Conforto and Amed Rosario for McCutcheon though, but nothing more than that. AM is probably still a very good player, but I don’t think he’s a game changer at this stage. How do you think he’d perform as a lead-off hitter if they got him?


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